From the moment John and I met Alanna there was an instant connection. I will admit, I was overwhelmed in planning our wedding before meeting with Alanna. I thought to myself, I could do this.. Who was I kidding, just because I had created a Pinterest wedding board didn't mean I was qualified to orchestrate an entire wedding ceremony & reception. We needed a professional. Someone with the skill, portfolio & knowledge. That was Alanna. I remember the morning of our wedding day, I felt calm and at ease. I credit that to Alanna. I knew everything was going to go perfectly. I didn't need to worry about anything because she had created a plan, organized all the vendors & timing of everything so well. Throughout the evening, things went off seamlessly. Four years later and we still have people tell us how great the night was and that it flowed so well. We will forever be grateful for Alanna's attention to detail, kind soul, dedication and true passion for what she does. 

— S&J Bernardo

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Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 09.35.55.png

Working with Alanna was a dream! She made it so easy and always made sure I wasn't forgetting anything in preparation for our big day. She even helped us out beyond our expectations by assisting with the decor and set up of both the venue and church!  

On the actual day of the wedding, we didn't worry about a thing. I knew Alanna was on top of it.  I didn't have to speak to the venue, a vendor, or the church about anything... it was all handled for me.  I would hire her 100x before actually dealing with all the things that could possibly go wrong on your wedding day!  Because of her, I really enjoyed our day together.  It was stress free for me, my husband and our family members (who often get pulled into tasks on the day of if you don't hire Alanna!).

Thanks for an amazing day!

— N&M Habis



We would like to thank you for helping make our special day happen. I can honestly say hiring you was the best way we could spend our money, as you went above and beyond what we expected. Your assistants were so helpful and thank you for bringing them. We were so impressed by your services. You were always working behind the scenes and making sure everything flowed smoothly and you were always there when we needed you. I have been spading your name around here at the office. Maybe you will have another wedding soon!!

— A&T Herwynen

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To the Vita Events Crew:

We just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such an outstanding job at A&T's wedding. Although you were working in the background, we knew things were getting done . We especially appreciated how you cleaned up at the hall at the end of the night and made sure all valuables were packed up. Your attention to detail in carrying out the wishes of A&T will always be remembered by us.
Again, thank you!

— Happy Mother & Father of the Bride



Dear Alanna,

Thank you again for all the work you have done to coordinate and plan for today. You have gone WAY beyond our expectations of what a planner would do. Thank you for making sure everything ran smoothly today while we sat back and enjoyed the moment. You're awesome!

— J&D 

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Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 09.36.41.png

I want to extend a HUGE Thank you to Alanna for her invaluable assistance yesterday!!

It poured down in buckets the morning of A&J's Wedding, but these 2 gals smiled through the rain, hauling tables, boxes, tents, and everything else through ankle deep (some knee deep!) puddles! I am truly thankful for all your help! I could not have made this wedding day what it was without you, and considering the Bride gave us 10/10, I'd say we did a pretty marvelous job!

Thanks again, gals!! It was truly a pleasure meeting you and working with you both, and I wish you all the very best with your own businesses.

— Valerie Gower, The Occasion Sensation




I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU again for all your help with J & T's Wedding, I know I said this before, but I could not have done it without you! You guys are amazing!!!!
Thank you once again!

— Roxie B. Semple, Roxie B. Wedding Designs

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Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 09.37.09.png

Dear Alanna,

Let me start by saying a heartfelt thank you for all of your hard work and commitment at CSE EXPO12. I was really impressed by the caliber of professional attitude and aptitude that you displayed and I am glad you were part of our crew as Event Assistant and Seminar Assistant. Working with people who enjoy being there, who offer to help in any way and keep a smile on their face for the entire event makes it so much easier to work together to accomplish our goals of an enjoyable and successful event.

You truly worked well as a team and individually, you took direction well and your positive energy kept us going and avoided undue stress. I hope you had an opportunity to gain valuable experience while working at our conference and trade show and that you enjoyed your experience. I wish you success and happiness in your career as an event planner and may you get out of it all that you desire.

Thank you again for all of your time and effort and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


— Stacy Wyatt, anaging Partner NEMG
A division of National Event Marketing Group




You are totally awesome! We can't thank you enough for making our wedding day truly perfect. Your attention to details, super organizational skills and calm manner set the tone for the whole event. Have an amazing trip, you deserve it!

— Marcia

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Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 09.37.48.png


We will always remember how you made our wedding so special and truly unforgettable. Thank you for everything!

— M&W